Within his art practice over the last three years Paul Meikle has encompassed and enveloped the ethos of urban culture. Borrowing from the ideas of early hip hop and graffiti art in the way of a DIY and somewhat primitive approach to things he looks at inanimate objects or spaces as a means of communication and repurposes what already exists in-front of us into a new and exciting context.

In his earliest work ‘character map,’ he ardently scoured the streets for cracks in pavements or perfectly positioned tree branches that depicted letter shapes. All 26 letters were photographed and organised into an audio visual exhibition where the corresponding sound pieces for each letter told the stories that the artist interpreted based on the context in which they were found.

As a result of this exhibition Meikle was awarded the Robert Callander International Residency for Young Artists where he completed residencies in The Hague and Kinghorn, with a final one to take place in Osaka, 2020. Through this opportunity and on the back of his own merit Meikle has exhibited ‘Character Map’ and his later work ‘Man creates, nature intervenes’ in various exhibitions in the UK and Europe, the highlight being a show at Edinburghs City art centre. 

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